The Sun in the Eighth House in the Natal Chart

In astrology, the Sun represents your inner personality, ego and consciousness. Its position is extremely important in the natal chart, both by sign and by house. The house of your Sun is where you want to shine in life and you spend the majority of your energy on the matters of this house.

The Eighth House in Astrology

If you open the door of the eighth house, you enter the realm of secrets. Ruled by mighty Pluto in astrology, the eighth house is also called the House of Death.

Sounds good, right?

The situation is not as hopeless as it sounds at first. Actually, the eighth house is one of the coolest houses in astrology. Besides death, this house governs transformation and rebirth, too. It includes the experiences when one part of you dies and another, hopefully more evolved part of you comes to the world. Sex is another matter of the eighth house.

The eighth house is associated with the resources of other people. This includes legacy, money and assets you gain through marriage, bank loans, and so on. As the opposite house of the second (mine) , the keyword here is your.

This house is about the hidden and the mysteries of life. If you have the Sun here, it illuminates them, so the cool stuff actually gets out there in the light and visible to you.

Sun in the Eighth House – A Person Full of Secrets

This position gives a very deep personality.

Reserved and mysterious, people born with the Sun in the eighth house in their natal chart share many traits with a person who has the Sun in Scorpio. They are extremely private and carefully choose to whom they open up. You have to prove your loyalty and trustworthiness for a person with this placement to become part of the inner circle.

With any planet in water houses (especially the eighth and the twelfth), the person is very sensitive to outer influences. It’s no wonder that if such an important planet as the Sun is located here, the person will be rather introverted. For these people, it’s crucial to spend enough time alone to recharge their batteries and distinguish what comes from them and what from their environment.

The Sun in the Eighth House in the Natal Chart

The Sun in this house gives strong intuition, in some cases even psychic abilities. People who have this placement are in tune with their higher self and easily follow the signs their unconscious sends them. They enjoy finding these clues and they want to get as much information this way as it is available.

As we mentioned before, people with the Sun in the eighth house are fascinated by secrets and mysteries. There are no taboos to them, and many of these people are drawn to subjects as metaphysics and the occult. If you have some placements in the eighth house, it might be a reason why you are this deep into astrology.

Superb Research Skills & Intensity

Just like Scorpios, they love to go under the surface and see what is going on. Their interest in taboos can be another reason why they prefer to keep to themselves. They are very well aware that they can’t discuss these topics publicly. Sun in the eighth house people are used to keeping secrets, but don’t like to give away their own secrets and find it hard to trust in general. They are afraid that they won’t be understood.

They have the famous Plutonian X-ray vision too which the human psyche is an open book. These folks are born psychologists. The eighth house rules transformation, too, so this position gives a desire for rebirth and stepping up to the next level in life. People with this placement enjoy learning about human behavior and they strive to gain deeper self-understanding.

If you have this placement, you probably love to investigate on anything that grabs your attention. This position can be beneficial for a researcher or detective, for example, but you can utilize it in any profession where you need to find a hidden answer or solution.

People who need help are often drawn to you. People born with the Sun in the eighth house in the natal chart are empaths. They feel the pain of people around them. If the Sun is not afflicted, they want to help others and work on making the world a better place. They know that life on this planet can be very cruel and try to soothe the suffering.

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