Sun in the Third House in the Natal Chart

If your Sun is in the third house in the natal chart, it is located in the house of Mercury, the planet of communication, reading, and writing. This position shares some traits of a Gemini Sun. People with the Sun in the third house are often big talkers and lifelong learners.

The third house is associated with the zodiac sign Gemini. This house is about relating to the world. It shows how you communicate and how you learn the best. In human life, the third house of the natal chart corresponds to the phase when you start to talk and explore the world around you. It’s about the immediate surroundings, neighbors, and acquaintances.

With this position, the affairs of the third house play a big role in the native’s life. These people are usually talkative and enjoy socializing. They have many acquaintances.

Sun in the Third House in the Natal Chart
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Since Mercury rules your conscious mind and reasoning, the Sun in the third house often gives a very intelligent person who is well aware and proud of this. Their superb intellectual skills often show early in life, many of them are very smart as kids and enjoy participating in conversations as soon as they learn to talk.

Gemini, the sign associated with the third house in astrology governs reading. Most people with the Sun in the third house are in love with books. They are excited about discovering new ideas and opinions. In school, these people often get good grades. But they don’t stop there, these people continue educating themselves even after they finish school. Until the end of their lives, to be precise. There is so much to discover!

Sun in the third house people are very curious about both life and other people. They always look for new experiences and fascinating discussions. However, these natives don’t necessarily acquire knowledge at a university, and if they go to one, they definitely aren’t there just for the degree. It doesn’t mean much to people with the Sun in the third house of the natal chart.

If your Sun takes place in the third house, you want to excel at learning and sharing your knowledge with others. Transmitting information is one of their strengths. If there are indicators in the chart, too, they often choose writing, teaching, or anything related to communication as a career. The Sun in the third house has a way with words and many of these natives are very talented in the field of literature.

People with the Sun in the third house have a spontaneous and open personality. They like to take the initiative and often are the first to walk up to someone and start a conversation. Their superior communication skills are their most powerful asset. These natives adapt very quickly to every new environment. This can be an issue if they don’t have a solid firm to stand on. They fit in so easily everywhere that they sometimes forget who they are.

 The third house is the house of acquaintances, neighbors, and relatives, too. As the third house rules siblings, the Sun here suggests that the native isn’t an only child. These people often have great organizing skills, they are the ones who ‘glue’ a community together. They are chatty and like to exchange a few words with everyone. (And they like to gossip sometimes -everyone has a dark side.)

Gemini is the most versatile sign of the Zodiac. Natives who have the Sun in the house of Gemini share this trait, too. They desperately need new information and impulse because they get bored easily. The third house rules your immediate surroundings, and people with the Sun here enjoy discovering the world around them.

These natives are often very quick, this is another reason why they suffer in a dull environment. Their mind needs new input around the clock.

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