Sun in the Sixth House in the Natal Chart

The sixth house in the natal chart is associated with the zodiac sign Virgo. This sign is rational and analytical. This approach is characteristic of people who have the Sun in the sixth house in their birth charts. In this article, we will explore this position of the Sun in astrology.

The Sixth House in Astrology

The most well-known matters of the sixth house of the natal chart are work and health. It is about service and duties. In the sixth house, you have to selflessly serve others and the society. The sixth house has a lot to do with everyday life, perhaps this is why this position of the Sun suggests that routines are very important to the native.

The sixth house describes your approach to living. It’s more about your overall lifestyle than a concrete area of life. It shows your daily needs and duties. This includes taking care of your body on a daily level, or even of your pets. You have to feed your pet every day, no exceptions.

Sun in the Sixth House in the Natal Chart
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The sixth house in astrology is a cadent house, like the third, ninth and twelfth. This means that any planet located here is weakened and expresses itself on a mental level rather than on a physical. The sign of the Sun and the sign on the cusp are very important here and must be taken into account. The sign the Sun is located in will determine the actual energy level of the chart holder.

Sun in the Sixth House – Workaholic lifestyle

The Sun represents your ego. Its position by house shows where you want to really excel and be seen as the best. With the Sun in the sixth house, this is most often your workplace and career. It’s important to emphasize that the sixth house is about the daily work, the kind of work that you do to pay the bills. Career can be seen through the tenth house in astrology.

The sixth house is ruled by Virgo. Virgo is famous for its logic and analytical thinking. People with an emphasized Virgo try to do their work quickly and well. They hate to waste time and energy. This approach is very common among people with the Sun in the sixth house, too. These natives strive to be economic with energy and as efficient as possible. They are organized and capable.

For these people, it’s necessary to have the freedom to decide on their own schedule. If their boss or any authority imposes a timetable on them they won’t be as productive as if they decided on what to do when.

Doing a great job is what makes people with the Sun in the sixth house happy. These natives are excellent at their job and they are very proud of this. They can be perfectionists, similarly to a Sun in Virgo. The Sun in the sixth house tries to do their best, no matter what the circumstances are. Work is their main focus in life, results in business fuel their self-esteem and self-confidence.

If you have the Sun in the sixth house in your natal chart, make sure that you take breaks and relax every now and then. With this position, it’s important to take care of your health. If your Sun receives harmonic aspects, there is probably nothing to worry about. An afflicted Sun here, however, means that health can be a major issue in this lifetime. Luckily, these natives are often aware of this, and they do their best to take care of their bodies.

Everyday Routines

Do you know those people who get up each day at 6 a.m. to go for a run or exercise? Do you happen to be one of them perhaps? People with the Sun in the sixth house find it important to have a structured day and they find comfort in this. Feeling busy and productive makes them happy.

The Sun represents your vitality and strength. People who have it in the sixth house usually stick to a healthy lifestyle. This is nothing to be wondered at since the Sun is located in the house of Virgo, the sign of medicine and healing. Natives with this position of the Sun enjoy eating lots of fresh vegetables and nutritious meals. Exercising and playing sports help them perform better in all areas of life. Doing these activities every day gives a solid base to their lives.

Sun in the Sixth House in the Natal Chart
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In addition to the ascendant, the sixth house in the natal chart describes health, too. Many of those who have the Sun in the sixth house are drawn to medicine or a job related to health and healing. You can find lots of nutritionists, nurses, physicians, psychologists with this position. These are professions where you need to be committed and fulfill your obligations. It’s very important that you are supposed to selflessly help others, and not to choose these professions for the wrong reason.

Summary of the Sun in the Sixth House

In astrology, the Sun represents your identity in the natal chart. If it is located in the sixth house, the native identifies herself with her job and it’s very important for her to provide excellent service. For these natives, the biggest satisfaction is good feedback from their customers, patients, or whoever they serve in the workplace.

The Sun’s presence in the sixth house can make health a major issue. Don’t forget to relax and unwind from time to time with this position. It’s better to take care of your body to prevent a disease than to take care of your body to heal a disease or at least keep it under control.

Some of the people with the Sun in the sixth house need some time to figure out who they actually are. This means that they find success later in life after they turn 30. You could describe them as late bloomers. Nevertheless, once they decide on what they want in life, they put tremendous efforts into achieving their goals and succeed in the end.

If you have this position in the natal chart, you can benefit from eating healthy, physical exercise, getting enough sleep, meditating and journaling. Of course, these activities help anyone tremendously, but for Sun in the sixth house people they are fundamental for general wellbeing and happiness.

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