Sun in the Seventh House in the Natal Chart

The seventh house in astrology is associated with the zodiac sign Libra. As you probably already know, Libra is about companion, peace and harmony. People who have the Sun in the seventh house share some traits with people who have the Sun in Libra. In this article, we will learn more about this position of the Sun in astrology.

The Seventh House in Astrology

The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are angular houses in astrology. The cusp of each of them is a very important point in the natal chart. Planets located in an angular house are particularly powerful, so the Sun in the seventh house has a lot of room to manifest on a physical level. Here, it gives a strong sense of self, depending on its zodiac sign. So far, so good.

This house is the opposite of the first house. The first house in astrology is about YOU, the chart holder. Now, the seventh is all about other people.

In astrology, the Sun represents your inner personality, ego and consciousness. It is extra important in the natal chart. A lot of your energy goes to the matters of the house where the Sun is located. With the Sun in the seventh house, these are the following.

Traditionally referred to as the House of Partnerships, no wonder that this house governs all partnerships in astrology. (That’s the keynote and the ultimate goal for Libra -finding the balance between two wills and hearts.) These unions include marriage, committed relationships and business relationships.

Sun in the Seventh House in the Natal Chart
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Besides this, dealings with the public and legal affairs are also matters of the seventh house. A well-aspected seventh house can bring luck in courts. This house describes enemies you know about, opposed to the twelfth house that shows your hidden enemies.

Sun in the Seventh House – Peace Above All

This position makes a person operate in a way a Libra does. It’s a well known phenomenon that Libras crave harmony around them. They are ruled by Venus, after all. They want to make their surroundings beautiful, both on a physical and interpersonal level. Just like Sun in Libra, this position enjoys Venusian talents for art and aesthetics.

The house of the Sun in the natal chart shows the area of life where you can be who you really are and be truly happy. People with the Sun in the seventh house function best when they work with someone else. They need company as their self-esteem is closely tied to their relationships. They need someone else to make them feel complete. This can be an issue here because they sacrifice too much just to keep the other person happy and make her stay.

The Sun in the seventh house gives good diplomatic skills. These natives find it easy to see the point of both parties in an argument and go for a win-win solution. They make excellent negotiators. This position of the Sun gives luck in the dealing with courts or the law. They want to be fair, and in return life is often fair to them, too.

Opinions of other people have a great influence over people who have the Sun in the seventh house. They find it hard to stand up for themselves ad their views. Actually, they value peace over winning. This approach can make it hard for them to make a decision, just like Libras, they don’t make up their minds easily, either.

Romantic Relationships and Marriage

Romantic relationships play a big role in the life of a person who has the Sun in the seventh house. They have a great need for them and want to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with someone special, they aren’t truly happy when they are alone. These folks are very sensitive to the mood and opinion of their partner, so it’s important to choose someone who empowers you.

Sun in the Seventh House in the Natal Chart

The Sun in the natural house of Libra is a sign that the native learns the most about himself through his relationships with other people. They serve as a mirror, helping the native to reflect on his own personality.

It’s important to note that they are complete on their own, of course, but they have to work through their feeling of emptiness to get there. Self-reliance is a hidden gem down the street of self-knowledge. Make sure that you never give up too much of yourself to make your significant other stay with you.

Summary of the Sun in the Seventh House

This position talks about a person who seeks to be fair and wants justice for everyone. If you have the Sun in your seventh house, you have a great sense of tact and refined diplomatic skills. You know how to get what you want from other people.

Speaking of other people, you don’t like to be alone. You crave the company of others, both in intimate relationships and chatting with acquaintances. If your Sun is not afflicted, you are a people person and have excellent social skills.

With this position, the infamous Libran indecisiveness can be a trait of yours. Make sure to prioritize your own needs, to, and don’t let others make choices for you. Your value is not set by other’s opinion of you.

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