Sun in the Second House in the Natal Chart

This position is somewhat similar to the Sun in Taurus, the zodiac sign associated with the second house in the natural chart.
Where the Sun is located on your natal chart shows where you want to shine and what makes your self-esteem high. When you start to focus on this area of life, you feel happy and fulfilled. The house of the Sun tells where you want to stand out from the rest.
With the Sun in your second house, finances are extremely important to you. People with this position of the Sun usually know how to make money and have above-average earning power. If your Sun is located in the second house of your natal chart, you are constantly searching for values.

Matters of the Second House in Astrology

To understand what the Sun in the second house means, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what this house rules in astrology.
The second house is also called the House of Values. It’s often connected with money and possessions, but there is more to it. It is about everything you find valuable. The second house describes your value-system and your approach towards what you consider valuable.
 It rules possessions on both a physical and more abstract level. You can find in the second house innate talents but your physical possessions belong here, too.

Sun in the Second House in the Natal Chart

Sun in the Second House

Of course, the most prominent trait of people with this position is their money-making skills. They have the ability to attract money and they are usually very successful financially. The Sun in the second house (which is a talent house) makes the native a talented business(wo)man. They notice the opportunity to make money everywhere and they don’t hesitate to take action and turn their ideas into reality.
As the Sun rules the father in astrology, people with the Sun in the second house often come from money. Many of these natives learned how to be financially successful from their parents. However, they reach financial independence on their own merits, and usually early in life.
People with the Sun in the second house now how to earn big money, but they love spending, too. Even though the Sun is a beneficial planet, don’t forget that it enjoys luxury and costly things. It’s the ruler of royal Leo, after all. But don’t worry, with the Sun in the second house you are not likely to end up in poverty, but saving money is something that can definitely help you at some time in life.
In astrology, the Sun is associated with self-esteem and your inner personality. People with the Sun in the second house tend to identify themselves with their wealth and bank account. If they feel that they don’t make enough money, they lose their self-confidence. They are very proud of their earning power. Because acquiring possessions makes them feel powerful, if things are not going well, their self-worth suffers. It’s important to learn that money is for sure important but seeking material growth is not the ultimate goal in life. Possessiveness is often an issue for persons with the Sun in the second house.
These people are straightforward and don’t like fluff. People with the Sun in the second house say what comes to their minds, and express themselves in an open way. If a person with the Sun in the second house promises you something, you can count on them. They usually keep their word, unless the Sun is not afflicted in some way.
The Sun in the second house often gives a high social status. People respect you, and you often become an authority and influential person. These natives have good leadership skills that help them realize their goals and achieve what they want. People with the Sun in the second house are generous and stable friends. If you need financial advice, people with the Sun in the second house never hesitate to share their knowledge with you. However, make sure that others don’t take advantage of you if you have this position in your chart. 
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