Sun in the Fourth House in the Natal Chart

The fourth house is the house of family and home. If your Sun is located here in your natal chart, these topics are very important in your life. In the natural chart, it is ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer and the Moon. The Sun in the fourth house is somewhat similar to a Cancer Sun.
The cusp of the fourth house is the IC, which is short for Immum Coeli, Latin for the bottom of the sky. This is an angular house and planets here are very powerful. They manifest in the physical world.

Sun in the Fourth House, the House of Home and Family

In the natal chart, the fourth house describes your roots and one of your parents. Most astrologers associate the fourth house with the mother or the less dominant parent. The Sun is the brightest object in the natal chart, if it is located in this house it implicates that this parent played a very important role in the native’s life. Sometimes this position tells that the mother took over the role of the father, but there are other indicators in the chart, too, if this is the case.
People with the Sun in the fourth house respect traditions. They are proud of their ancestors and want to keep their memory alive. Traditions are a way to connect with them. This position often tells that the native is a descendant of influential people and comes from an old and well-to-do family. The fourth house is one of the karmic houses of the natal chart, along with the eighth and the twelfth. This position can be an indicator of karmic inheritance, too. 
People with the Sun in the fourth house often have strong parental ties. They come from a happy and stable home unless the Sun is afflicted. Family is very important to them and they prefer to spend time in their home. In general, they have a good family life, both as children and adults. They are willing to make sacrifices for their family if it is necessary.

Sun in the Fourth House in the Natal Chart
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Becoming too dominant can be an issue for these natives. Watch out for this, because your family members might be annoyed by bossy behavior and leave you alone in the end.
Security is one of their main priorities, both on a physical and emotional level. If you have the Sun in your fourth house, you probably create a beautiful and comfortable home for you and your family to enjoy. These people often invest tremendous effort in decorating their houses.
The Sun in the fourth house suggests that security is very important to you, security is one the keywords of this house. As the house opposite of the tenth, the fourth house is about privacy. These natives find it important to have a place where you can retreat and take off any masks you wear in public. The love of their family helps them to face the challenges of the world.

Old Age and Real Estate

The fourth house isn’t just about your family and roots in astrology. It also describes the last years in your life and old age. With the Sun here, there is not much to worry about. You will probably spend your final years in good health. 
The fourth house rules all real estate and land. The Sun is a beneficial planet, so its presence in this house suggests good luck related to these matters. If there are other indicators in the chart, these natives can make money on investing in real estate or agriculture. But again, there need to be more factors for this to be the case. If the eighth house is well-aspected, the native might inherit property from her ancestors. 

Professions related to real estate or agriculture can be a great choice for people with the Sun in the fourth house. This is especially the case if it is somehow connected to the tenth house in the natal chart.

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