Sun in the First House in the Natal Chart

The Sun is the core of both your personality and your natal chart. It describes your inner personality, vitality, and self-confidence. The sign and the house the Sun is located in are both very important. 
The house your Sun occupies shows the area of life where you want to excel. The sign shows how. Fulfilling this need to shine is vital for your self-esteem and overall happiness. Living the qualities of your Sun will make you feel good and proud of yourself. The Sun rules your ego, after all.

So, what does the Sun in the first house mean in astrology?

First of all, it’s important to understand what the first house is about. Also called the House of Self, it describes YOU, the native. Of course, the whole natal chart is about the native, but the first house in the natal chart describes how you dress, what you look like, your dispositions and the first impression you make on others.
The first house is an angular house in the natal chart. Planets that are located in angular houses are the most powerful. They manifest fully and on a physical level.
This house is ruled by Aries and Mars in the natural chart. Aries is a brave and initiative sign, the sign of new beginnings in the Zodiac. Aries and Leo, the zodiac sign ruled by the Sun are both fire signs, so this position is considered beneficial for the Sun. The Sun is actually exalted in Aries.
If the Sun occupies the first house in your natal chart, you are probably a very charismatic person. This position usually gives luck in life, or at least a personality that grabs every opportunity. You are quite extroverted and don’t hesitate to take the initiative. Sun in the first house natives love to be the center of attention. They were born to be in the limelight.
Here, the Sun gets some of the traits of Aries. People with the Sun in the first house are born leaders. If others follow them, their self-confidence grows further. They are usually self-confident enough to go after what they want. If a goal catches their attention, they find a way to achieve it and they are ready to fight for what they want. These people are brave and competitive. Winning is one of their favorite things in life. They have a very strong inner drive and motivation.

Sun in the First House in the Natal Chart
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People with the Sun in the first house have a well-developed sense of self-identity. Their self-image is very important to them. It helps a lot to work on self-knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of yourself with this position. Independence and personal freedom are a priority for these natives. 
These people like to dictate trends not just follow them, they develop a unique approach to life. They are often original and they like to stand out from the crowd. If the Sun receives many aspects, this uniqueness can stick out even more. This is a frequent position of the Sun in the charts of writers or actors. They have often many things to say. The aspects of the Sun helps them to see the world in a richer way. Self-expression is vital for these people.
The Sun rules the overall vitality and health of a person. It is exalted in Aries, and the Sun in the house of Aries usually gives excellent health and stamina. Natives with the Sun in the first house have a lot of energy, and they are dynamic persons. Besides a strong body, they have strong willpower and good mental health, too. The Sun in the first house gives optimism and good cognitive abilities. 

Sun Conjunct the Ascendant

If you have your Sun conjunct the ascendant, you were born around sunrise. This was considered a good sign and the brightness of the Sun shines through the personality of these natives. You are noticeable and you make a strong impression on others.
People who have the Sun conjunct the ascendant have a lot of personal power and influence over others. They are aware of this and don’t hesitate to use this if necessary. These people consider themselves the master of their fate and believe that they have control over their lives.
If your Sun is conjunct the ascendant, you probably have the same rising sign and Sun sign. This zodiac sign is emphasized in your natal chart. Your inner personality and the impression you make on others are in sync, to put it short, here what you see is what you get. 

Are there some bad things about the Sun in the First House?

No rose without a thorn, as they say. 
How bad these thorns can hurt you depends on the aspects the Sun makes in the natal chart. Especially if the Sun if afflicted, some of the bad qualities of Aries can be noticed with this position.

This position encourages you to be more humble.
Identity is very important for people with the Sun in the first house, just like being recognized by people around them. They need applause from the world and want to be adored. The Sun in the house of Aries enjoys being the boss.
 However, it is necessary to find a balance between your own needs and the needs of others. Selfishness is a possible pitfall here. These people can become arrogant and egoistic if they forget that other people’s wants and needs are important, too. 
The Sun in the first house can make the native too proud. These people have a very strong ego. This can be an issue in establishing warm and supportive relationships with the people around you.

If you have this position, try to be more tolerant and understanding. Developing humility and empathy will make you even more loved and appreciated. Keep in mind that we are here to contribute and help others, after all.

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