Signs of the Zodiac: Virgo in Astrology

There are plenty of popular stereotypes about Virgos in astrology. Well, as usual, there are true in some amount. For sure, the main keywords for Virgo are analytical thinking, criticism and reserved, but there is much more to it. These stereotypes are rare to find because people are way more complex than sun sign astrology makes you think. In this article, we’ll dissect this amazing sign.
Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. It’s ruled by Mercury in astrology, the planet of reason and logical thinking – it already gives you a few hints about the character if Virgo. In astrology, Virgo rules the sixth house of work and health in the natural chart. Being an earth sign, Virgo is rather practical and focused on solving the problems of the here and now. Because of its connection with health and healing, some astrologers consider the asteroid Chiron to be the ruler of Virgo (Chiron represents the archetype of the wounded healer in astrology).
Virgo means Virgin in Latin. It relates to a child entering puberty who always speaks his or her mind and is not afraid to tell if the emperor is naked. The glyph used for Virgo comes from the Greek spelling for the word Virgo: ♍. The Virgo season of the years marks the end of summer and ranges from 23th of August to the 22nd of September. It ends with the September equinox.
In the human body, Virgo rules the intestines, liver, gall bladder and the pancreas.

Virgo Element and Quality in Astrology

Virgo is a mutable earth sign in astrology. Earth signs include Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. They are focused on the physical world and surviving in it. Earth signs are hard-working and persistent.
By modality, Virgo is a mutable sign, together with Gemini, Sagittarius and, Pisces. These signs embrace changes and find it easy to just go with the flow, as they say. 
Virgo has rather gender-neutral energy. In astrology, it represents the passive and feminine principle.

When is Virgo Strong in Your Natal Chart

If you were born between August 23rd and September 22th, your Sun sign is Virgo. This makes that the core of your personality is Virgo. If you are Virgo rising or have your Moon there, it is still a very important zodiac sign for you.
Many planets in Virgo draw lots of energy to this sign in your chart. This is also true if your Sun is in the sixth house in your natal chart or you have many placements there. If you have your Mercury in Virgo, you are probably a very smart person. Mercury is “at home” in this sign because it rules it.

The Positive Traits of Virgo

This a very powerful sign in the Zodiac. They operate by the slow and steady principle, and it usually gets them very far in life.
Virgo has the strongest analytical thinking abilities of all signs. They have powerful mental capacity and usually, they are talented in the field of mathematics or science. Many great scientists and mathematicians had Virgo emphasized in their natal charts.
This zodiac sign is industrious and actually finds joy in doing things as they should be done. You can trust them with any task that requires attention to detail and logical thinking. If you asked someone who is into astrology to name a job typical of Virgos, they’d say accountant for example. Virgos strive to achieve perfection and it can be sometimes frustrating to them that this is, of course, impossible. 
Virgo natives enjoy gathering facts and crafting theories based on them. They are quite methodical and have a scientific approach to many things in life. They work studiously to deliver results. Their famous analytical thinking skills help them a lot in fields that require solving complex problems.
In the natal chart, the sixth house is ruled by Virgo. The matters of this house include work, service, health, but also your everyday routines.
Health is very important to Virgos. They prefer to eat nutritious food and strive to exercise, even if just by taking a walk a couple of times a week. These natives love to have routines and they find it important to stick to them. Having a properly structured life makes them feel safe.
Healing professions are related to Virgo. Many doctors have an emphasized Virgo or sixth house in their natal charts. Virgo likes to help. These people take their duties very seriously. They are loyal and trustworthy, if a Virgo says yes to you, you can for sure count on them.
One of the most popular stereotypes about Virgos is that they are fanatic cleaners. Most of them do like to keep their surroundings in order. They simply function better in a clean and minimalistic environment than a messy and cluttered one.
Virgo appreciates simple and natural things. Natives with important placements in Virgo don’t like to dress in harsh colors or to wear wild patterns or eccentric accessories. They have a frugal and modest approach to most things in life. Virgo doesn’t like to show off and boast, they have a res, non verba way of thinking.
Virgo zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses

The Negative Traits of Virgo

Here come the critical approach and perfectionism everyone likes to annoy Virgos with. Well, they can really be like that (sometimes). Virgos find it hard to cope with stress, and being under pressure makes things a lot worse for them.
Virgos are generally prone to worry a lot and be anxious over petty things. This can make them melancholic and skeptical. Virgos tend to criticize and judge a lot. They need to learn to trust in the positive outcome (of course, if you work hard of it – but for a Virgo, this is not a problem.)
As an earth sign, Virgos have a hard time to enjoy fiction and fantasy and they can be stuck in the material world. They want to hear about the practical use of things or else they are not interested, thank you. (This is especially true if the elements in their charts aren’t balanced).
They try to find relief by making an elephant out of a fly and become overly critical. Safety and stability are very important to them, so Virgo people tend to worry too much about diseases and poverty. 

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