Signs of the Zodiac: Leo in Astrology

Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, it’s the most energetic and warm-hearted sign. In the natural chart, Leo rules the fifth house of joy and creative self-expression. Creating is very important for them, Leo is the sign of creativity in astrology. Just like this majestic animal, those born under Leo like to lead and there is a royal air to them.
The glyph for Leo in the Zodiac resembles a lion’s tail. The date range for this sign is from the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August. At this time, the summer is at its fullest in the northern hemisphere. In the human body, Leo rules the heart, the sides, and the upper back. These natives enjoy being in the spotlight and are full of joy.

Element and Modality of Leo in Astrology

With the Sun as the ruling planet, it’s no wonder that Leo counts as a fire sign in astrology. Fire signs include Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. These zodiac signs are full of self-confidence, enthusiastic and ardent. They are passionate and dynamic. If they misuse their fiery qualities, fire signs can act bossy and arrogant. They have plenty of energy, and they need to learn to use it in a constructive way. Fire signs are inspiring and born leaders.
Leo belongs to the fixed signs. They include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. These signs are perseverent and they finish what they started no matter what is happening around them. They are determined, stable and focused. Being stubborn is one of the negative traits of fixed signs.
In astrology, Leo is an active and masculine sign.

When is Leo Strong in Your Natal Chart

If you were born between July 23rd and August 22th, you are part of the Leo Sun squad. If you have your Moon in Leo or you are Leo rising, then you will find some aspects of Leo’s descriptions true. 
But there are more planets to be taken into account. If you have many of them in Leo, especially personal planets, you’ll share some of the qualities of Leo. This is the case if you have many planets or the Sun in the fifth house in your natal chart, too.

The Positive Traits of Leo in Astrology

Leos are warmhearted and loving people. As an extroverted sign, they find great joy in socializing and being around others. Or to be more precise, they enjoy it when others are around them. The Royalty of the Zodiac, Leo loves to be in the center of attention. They have many friends and need excitement in their lives. Leos make loyal and faithful friends.
In a natal chart, the Sun shows the energy level of the native. Ruled by the Sun, no wonder that Leos are the most energetic people in astrology. They have a nearly infinite source of energy and inner resources. Leo people have strong willpower and a warm personality.
Leo people are cheerful, enthusiastic and optimistic, which are traits typical of fire signs. They have a lot of self-confidence and are self-assured. Leos are very ambitious and they like to lead. These natives always strive to achieve something big. They face challenges with great bravery.
Another trait Leos are famous for is their pride. They thrive on compliments, keep this in mind just in case.
This zodiac sign is well-known for its generosity. Leo people love to give. They always want to give gifts that are luxurious and worthy. Besides making the recipient feel good, this also helps them communicate their own majestic and lavish nature.
The fifth house, the house of Leo in the natural chart, is associated with children. Leos usually enjoy spending time with kids, not even necessarily their own children. This sign is childlike and famous for its playfulness, so it’s no wonder that they get along with kids very well. 
They like to have fun and enjoy life in general. The fifth house (that is ruled by Leo in the natural chart) is sometimes referred to as ‘the House of Joy’.
Creativity is something kids and Leos are innately good at. Leos enjoy creating and self-expression. They particularly love acting. These natives are dramatic and many actors have Leo or the fifth house emphasized in their natal charts. All things related to the theater are associated with Leo. They treat life like a game.
Leo zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses

The Negative Traits of Leo in Astrology

Leos are very proud. They don’t take it well at if someone humiliates them. If you don’t have to, don’t treat a Leo with disrespect because they take their integrity very seriously. Besides this, they love to heat the applause and to get other people’s approval. These natives fear ridicule and they can become quite cruel if you provoke them. 
Vanity is another weak point of Leo natives. They want to impress everyone around them and are willing to go very far to sustain their lavish reputation. This means that they can be extremely vulnerable to false compliments and flattery. Others can easily manipulate them through their ego and Leos should strive to have a real image of themselves.
Leos tend to become arrogant and boastful if they are not well-balanced. It’s important for them to stay grounded. They tend to be too dominant if their emotional and sympathetic side is not well-developed.
If they feel that their ego is hurt and they are in a position of power, these natives can become autocratic. 
Leos appreciate luxury and the finer things in life. They are attracted to the comfort of wealth and if they embody the lower octave of Leo, they can be overly status-oriented. 
The negative side of their attractive and playful personality is that their childlikeness can turn into childish behavior.

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