Minor Aspects in Astrology and Their Meaning

Once you understand the basic building blocks of astrology (signs, planets and houses in the natal chart), it’s time to learn how the planets connect and work together in a natal chart or in any chart for that matter.
If the planets take place at a specific number of degrees away from each other, you can say that they are in aspect. There are major and minor aspects in astrology.
Traditional astrologers use major aspects only. However, there are some more aspects to the conjunction, sextile, trine, square and opposition. These include the quincunx, semisextile, semisquare, sesquisquare, quintile, and the biquintile. There a few more minor aspects, but these are the most frequently used.

Meaning of the Minor Aspects in Astrology 

After the major aspects, we’ll take a look at the minor aspects and learn more about the meaning of minor aspects in astrology. It’s important to keep in mind that the allowed orb for minor aspects is less than for major aspects, it ranges up to 4 or 5 degrees according to most astrologers.
So, let’s dive into the meaning of the minor aspects.

Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct in Astrology

These two terms are used interchangeably for the same aspect. The symbol of the quincunx looks like this: ⚻. Two planets form a quincunx when they are located five signs apart. The angle between them is 150 degrees. The signs of the planets differ both by element and quality which makes it very hard for them to cooperate. Most astrologers use an orb of 5 degrees for the quincunx.
The meaning of a quincunx in astrology is stress. If you have a quincunx, you feel irritation and inner tension in the related areas of life. There is some imbalance between the planets in question. This irritation and stress is often hidden behind the upfront problems of the major aspects. But it is still there, and you need to cope with it.
Some astrologers consider the quincunx to be a karmic aspect.
It is a challenge for the native to integrate the quincunx. Because of this, most astrologers agree that the quincunx is not so minor as you would think at first glance. It isn’t one of the Ptolemaic aspects, but it is very important in a natal chart just like the major aspects.
In medical astrology, the quincunx or inconjunct is one of the most important aspects. It shows how you should take care of your health and what potential issues to expect.
The key is self-adjustment here. You need to change your attitude to release the stress of the quincunx. There is some mysterious and unpredictable touch to it, so sooner or later you will have to find a way to make adjustments and integrate your quincunx.

Meaning of the Semi-square in Astrology

The semi-square isn’t some negligible aspect either, even though it is referred to as a minor aspect in astrology. The angle between the planets is 45 degrees. Most astrologers allow an orb of 1-2 degrees. The symbol of the semi-square looks like this: ∠.
As its name says, the semi-square is half of a square. It shares some of the square’s qualities. However, a semi-square with a tight orb can be more powerful in a chart than a square with a very wide orb!
The semi-square is a hard aspect. It tells you about buried problems and subtle influences that you most often aren’t aware of. Nevertheless, they are present and they tend to trigger outward events in your life. These are often sudden and unexpected, especially because you have no idea what is going on behind the surface.
A semi-square is about minor friction and tension. It is definitely a challenge but at the same time, it is also an opportunity to learn and grow. The key here is to develop awareness. The semi-square is an important minor aspect and you should always take it into account when reading a natal chart.
Minor Aspects in Astrology and Their Meaning
A List of Minor Aspects in Astrology

Meaning of the Sesquiquadrate in Astrology

The sesquiquadrate is another hard aspect. The angle between the planets is 135 degrees. Its allowed orb is about 2-3 degrees. This is the glyph of the sesquiquadrate: ⚼. It consists of a square and a semi-square.
The meaning of sesquiquadrate is similar to the meaning of the square and semi-square. There is friction here that is a challenge for the native. However, it is not as easily noticeable as the tension of a square so it takes time to make adjustments. The conflict of the sesquiquadrate is stubborn and persists for a long time.

Meaning of the Semi-sextile in Astrology

Two planets form a semi-sextile if the angle between them is 30 degrees. The glyph for semi-sextile looks like this: ⚺. The allowed orb is about 1-2 degrees. As you can guess, a semi-sextile is half of a sextile.
The semi-sextile has a mild beneficial influence. The energy can flow between the planets in a harmonious way, but the semi-sextile manifests mainly on a mental level. It often shows what the native is curious about and wants to know more.
 It shows an opportunity that you can work on. But like the sextile, this minor aspects expects you to put in the work to get the result.
In general, the importance of this aspect is negligible according to most astrologers. 

Meaning of the Quintile in Astrology

Introduced by Kepler in the 16th century, quintiles are a well-known aspect in astrology. However, they aren’t frequently used and they aren’t as important in the chart as some other minor aspects. 
The quintile is an aspect of 72 degrees and the symbol used for the quintile is a letter Q. The orb for quintiles is very tight, they should be a couple of minutes at most.
Quintiles mean some kind of talent that you can easily develop. It is related to creativity. These aspects often show your style and form of self-expression. It shows how your soul wants and needs to express itself. Quintiles manifest more on a mental level. They often describe a person who is very persistent and keeps working until they achieve their goals.

Meaning of the Biquintile in Astrology

The biquintile aspect has twice the degree of the quintile, 144 degrees. It is very similar to the quintile, they tell about creative talents that you are innately good at. Along with the quintile, they tell about the mental processes of the native.

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